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Protecting your reputation

The escort service industry thrives on the fact that our major fraction of clientele are people who want discreet sexual encounters. They avail escort services because they want secrecy. So they can experience their intimate fantasies, release their wildest self and be sexually satisfied, while protecting their decent professional and social dispositions. . . . This is the same reality that kept many others, businessmen, professionals, politicians, celebrities and even military men in their preferred spot in society. People who hide their true selves fear the risk of losing everything they worked for, their family, their reputation, their jobs and their peers. What they need is acceptance, from the people who care for them and from their own selves, for what they truly are. — Appetite Entertainment

Some people, especially young executives or entrepreneurs who have suddenly been bestowed with massive disposable incomes, have a “damned if I care” attitude when it comes to PSPs. They don’t care if other people know their antics. They allow themselves to be photographed in compromising situations. Some are even married yet they brandish their extra-marital sexual exploits like a badge of honor, revealing their identities in the clear or circulating personal information like their real names, their personal email address, or their mobile phone number.

Nothing disappears from the net. If you doubt me, check out the “Wayback Machine.”

Some people have labelled me as a hypocrite because I live an anonymous double life. Executive by day, sex-monger by night. I really don’t care if people view me as such. I am not hurting anyone. I am looking out for #1, and that’s me. As one ages, reputation and credibility become paramount. Whatever people may say about the growing liberalism of the Filipinos, a great number of influential people are still conservative in their morals. I have to separate my personal from my professional identity.

My basic rule: My nefarious activities should not intersect with my work. I do not make a pass at my female office mates nor do I engage in any illicit liaisons with them. I would bring out fellow colleagues, especially foreigners or visiting Filipinos, to KTVs and MPs, even recommend a few escorts to them, but I never charge it to office expense account. I may not even indulge myself. At best, it’s pot luck; at worst, I shoulder the bill personally and stay a distance from the frolicking.  I entertain people that I trust. If the person I am with is more senior than me, then I stay in the sidelines. I pay cash, never credit card. There is no paper trail.

My activities with escorts for me is a private matter. With escorts, I can let loose my sexual urges and live out some fantasies and fetishes with little fear of repercussions. Others may have a different attitude. I just hope they know what they are doing.

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