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Period sex

Red Panties

No, this does not mean “historical sex.”  I am talking about having sex when the red flag is up.

My first foray was a few years ago when I was feeling extremely raunchy and my companion was unable to assuage my urges because it was that time of the month. She suggested that she could perform oral sex and finish me off with a handjob.  I agreed but as we began frolicking in the motel, her urges also became insatiable and—voila!—I was initiated into period sex.

Honestly, after all that was said and done, I wondered what was the big deal about it.  Yes my penis was soaked but a quick shower brought it back to normal.  The bed sheet, of course, had a red stain but that can be replaced.  After that episode, I do not have an aversion to sex when my partner has her period.   Fortunately, there are some women who are open to this idea. In fact, there are some women whose libido goes through the roof during their periods but are embarrassed about it.   When I am feeling raunchy and my partner says that she has her period, I mention that it does not bother me and I am willing to do it if she is willing as well.

So if you are willing to give it a try, here are some things to consider:

First, one thing that I have to deal with is the odor.  It has the smell of rancid beef and at times it had dampened my urges.  It hits you when she removes her underwear and when you begin plunging yourself into her.  There are many solutions to this. One is for your partner to bathe before the act—the sweet clean smell of lather on her skin can help mask the scent.  Another is to do it in the shower, but sex while standing up can be awkward.  I have found that covering the midsection with blankets can prevent the odor from escaping.

2. Any position with the man on top is best.  The woman-on-top position would cause some of the menstrual fluid to splatter, possibly to your face.  Not very pleasant. Dog-style can work but then you’ll have to deal with the odor as mentioned in #1 above.

3. Lastly, blood stains can be one of the hardest stains to remove from fabrics.  It can be done but you may need repeated washings using various types of cleaning liquids and chemicals.  So do yourself the favor, cover your bed with plastic or some thick disposable fabric that you care less about.


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  1. Perhaps another important drawback to consider is STI’s. Some people will not use protection doing it during a red flag since pregnancy is unlikely to happen. Please be forewarned that transmission of infection for both parties increases significantly when a woman is having her monthly visit.

    If other things have been taken care of, there may be a good chance for a wilder encounter. Some women feel strong urges during this period (no pun intended). : ). So, enjoy!