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On frivolous spending

I earlier wrote about Maya, an escort struggling with her expenses yet wishes to purchase a DSLR as an upgrade to a perfectly functioning Canon G12.

Maya is not unique. A number of escorts who live a hand-to-mouth existence still make an effort to purchase frivolous items.

I know of escorts who purchase the newest version of a costly smartphone as soon as it comes out. I know of models who make a switch from a Samsung phone to an Apple phone (or vice versa) because of minute differences in pixel count or image resolution or response time. Seriously, do you really need to send that Instagram selfie 1 millisecond faster? Does it matter if it has more megapixels when your images are viewed in Facebook on a screen slightly bigger than a credit card?

I know of escorts who buy branded clothing and accessories. They claim that they “need” that Louis Vuitton bag, that Hermes wallet, that Manolo Blanik pair of shoes.

I know of escorts who jump into the diet food bandwagon. They purchase diet juices, protein powers. I am not dietician but I suspect that she was swayed by all the marketing claims.

One escort asked me if we could meet up because she needed to purchase this fancy TRX suspension training straps. I asked her if she does push-ups at home. She said she found it tough. I asked her if she does any form of running. She said it’s too exhausting. I said that if you can’t do even those simple exercises then how would you expect some exercise gizmo to help you.

I know of many escorts who need to throw that expensive birthday party in those exclusive bars. To reserve a table in those clubs isn’t cheap. Nor are the food and drinks.

I know of models who spend a bundle on out-of-town trips. There’s this escort who pleaded for me to take her out (with the corresponding “talent fee”) so that she could go to “Laboracay.”

But does it matter if they are escorts or not? Does it matter that they peddle their body for stuff that is shallow, materialistic, narcissist? We all splurge on items that seem frivolous from time to time. I’m guilty of that. I have my hobbies and pastimes. Besides, don’t I also spend a bundle on personal sex providers?

Yes they live on a tight budget and they probably have no savings whatsoever, but it’s their life. They aren’t hurting anyone except themseles. If they want that GoPro camera when they hardly engage in any sport action and which they will probably use only once a year in their pilgrimage to Boracay, then who am I to criticize them. It may be short-sighted but it’s what makes them happy.

The fact that what they peddle in return is sex should really not matter. They can argue that it’s just sex, not love. It’s their body anyway and it’s their choice.

Just one advice to the frivolous spending escort: your looks don’t last forever. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. “I asked her if she does push-ups at home. She said she found it tough. I asked her if she does any form of running. She said it’s too exhausting.”

    If this is true, then how the heck does she keep herself in shape? Diets only? Fast metabolism?