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Let me clear the air first, just in case law enforcement officers start knocking on my door, I am not connected nor affiliated with Naughty Manila. I was not paid to write this post nor was I paid in anyway to promote their site and their services. The info that is written here in fact can be obtained if you visit their website.

Having said that, Naughty Manila is an escort agency that boasts of having over twenty models available for outcall service in the Metro Manila area made up of Makati, Ortigas, Pasay, and Alabang. They claim to have “refined models, even “foreign courtesans,” perfect for a dinner date, business dinner or function, red carpet event, a visit to a night club, a night in a hotel suite or even a romantic weekend getaway.

I won’t delve into the details. I am sure you can visit their website and find out for yourselves. From what I have gathered and based on a couple of email exchanges that I have had with them, the handlers seem to be courteous, responsive, willing to please and service. Emails are promptly and politely handled. They even have a blog!

The one thing I like about Naughty Manila is that they publish the actual photos of their models. They take pride in that. They claim that they don’t pull photos from model galleries to masquerade the ladies. They guarantee that the pictures of their escorts are all real, recent, and genuine. Stated in their website: “We do not promote one thing and provide another. Rest assured that we deliver.” This is why they charge a cancellation fee of PHP1,000, which is fair considering that you get to select a model based on their actual photo and not rely on a verbal description of the handler.

Those who know me personally or who have been following this site for some time know that I am meticulous in my taste. Looking at the models, there are some that I am certain others will find attractive and there are some that others would classify as “exotic.” In browsing their site, I discovered that one of their escorts is a lady that I had experienced a couple of years ago. Surprisingly she is still in the trade, despite her boasting then that she had a wealthy VIP sponsor.

Prices are reasonable—around the range of PHP6,000 to PHP8,000, with PHP12,000 if you wish an overnight experience.

Now they also have a “platinum” lineup, consisting of well-known, photo-shoot models. Even if you signup, their faces are blurred to protect their privacy, but if you know the photo portfolio of the models, you can decipher who they are. In fact, I spotted a recognzied a few that I had enlisted a few months ago.

The catch with this “platinum” lineup is, of course, the price. Naughty Manila says that these models charge in excess of PHP100,000, which I think is exhorbitant given that the ones that I recognized had charged less than half that amount. Moreover, don’t expect that you could simply inquire or even book these ladies on a whim. Naughty Manila says that they will diligently scrutinize the potential clientele.

The other item worth noting is that Naughty Manila offers “duo booking,” i.e. threesomes.

I haven’t tried their services so I am curious to hear from any of the readers out there. Has any one out there tried Naughty Manila? If so, I’d be interested to know your experiences. Feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

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