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Misa de gallo and the genealogy of Jesus

It's been many years since I attended a mass. The last time I attended a misa de gallo was probably during my college years when I was trying to impress a girl. But, one Monday, I was at Greenbelt to attend an anticipated misa de gallo to accompany a friend.

The gospel of the day was from the first chapter of Matthew, which deals with the genealogy of Jesus. I remember studying this particular bible verse in my college years. What I find odd is that why bother listing the genealogy from Abraham to David and then to Joseph when Jesus does not have an ounce of Joseph's blood in his veins. Mary was supposedly a virgin and definitely had not had any sexual relations with Joseph, so what's the point of tracing the lineage from Abraham to David to Joseph?

My other issue is with the priest's sermon, which was almost 45 minutes long. The mass itself was about an hour and fifteen, which meant that the priest's monologue was even longer than the actual Eucharistic service. The sermon af first dealt with the genealogy, which was ok since that was the gospel of the evening, but then he digressed to topics like materialism, credit card spending, buffet dining, and dieting. I would have made the effort to listen, but the priest was rambling. The sermon was disorganized and unstructured. I had no idea what was the message. The best speakers I know have one point to make, or if they have several, they enumerate their points. Doing so gives the audience the impression that the speaker took the time to prepare.

Moreover I've heard the topic before before—spend only what you can afford, Christmas is not about materialism, et cetera, et cetera, yadda, yadda, yadda. Listening to the monologue reminded me of why I stopped going to mass—-aside from the rituals and superstitious chanting, the priest's insights were shallow and hardly innovative. I can get as much—-if not more meaningful and relevant—insight as reading my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed.

Priesets really need a course in public speaking.

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