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How to tell if a spa is a spakol

someecards.com - I assume that dressing up earns me at least a handjob

How to tell if a spa is a spakol? It can be difficult. It's not like spakols advertise their services. There are no telltale signs that show that the spa is a spakol. Also, some traditional spas maintain a spartan, dimly lit ambiance so it can appear to be sleazy.

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ISPs to block child cybersex sites

Thanks to Rappler, I was able to read the controversial National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) memorandum circular that supposedly requires Internet Service Providers to install softwares to monitor and filter all cyber-pornography sites and content. At first I thought that the circular targeted all porn sites, but then after reading it, I find some solace that it only requires ISPs to “install available technology, program or software that will block access or filter websites carrying child pornography materials.”

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Random thoughts on sex and relationships

I have always believed that, with mutual consent, there should no holds barred when it comes to the bedroom, unless of course the participants can get hurt, bloodied, bruised, or sick. For me, it is all about getting pleasure and giving pleasure. This is why it is important that my partner is totally open when it comes to her sexual wants and desires.

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March 15, 2014 Adult Entertainment, Dating and Relationships, Health

Escort FAQ

After the break is a list of frequently asked questions regarding escorts. If you have any other question, or if you want more detailed answers, feel free to leave a note at the comment section.

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I have been asked to review some papers submitted by a group of high school students. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say that it involved a group of sophomores from a private Catholic school. I got involved because of a disciplinary case which may lead to the suspension of the students and the possible explusion. The case involved cyber-bullying and the school principal, being a good friend of mine, asked me to look at the case, to read the written statements, and requested my inputs. Those involved in the case are facing possible suspension and, since their grades are not stellar, could repeat their sophomore year.

The first thing that struck me was the abhorrent grammar. I shook my head in disbelief. These were from students who were about to be meted stiff penalties! Their writings had long run-in sentences consisting of a crude mixture of English and Tagalog. Subject-verb agreement was non-existent. There was practically no punctuation—no periods or commas. There were slang words that I could not understand. Reading the papers gave me a headache.


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Celebrity endorsers

Why do companies hire celebrities to endorse their products? Why are celebrities effective? Apparently it all has to do with how people perceive that celebrity.

Advertisers have known for decades that the image of a celebrity, royal or otherwise, can help sell products, especially when the celebrity involved has a reason to claim the status of being an expert. A study by a team of Dutch researchers headed by Mirre Stallen showed why famous faces sell. In this study, when young women were exposed to images of shoes paired with faces of celebrities (vs. non-famous women), the areas of their brains involved in processing emotional stimuli were more likely to become activated. In other words, positive feelings toward celebrities transferred onto positive feelings toward the shoes. Memory for the shoes that were paired with celebrities was also better than for shoes paired with non-celebrities. The participants also said they'd be more likely to buy the shoes associated with a celebrity's face, as long as the shoes were ones the believed the celebrities didn't already own.

Is this why companies put sexy celebrities to push products to their male audience? Is this the reason why people vote entertainers into public office?

March 6, 2014 Movies and TV

An atheist response to a Catholic mother

Today is Ash Wednesday, first day of the Lenten season. This marks the period when Catholics are supposed to fast or abstain as a sign of penance or sacrifice. I don't do any of that stuff and I do not plan to alter anything in my lifestyle just because it is Lent.

Though I was baptized a Catholic, I no longer practice the Catholic faith. I don't want to use the term “atheist” to describe my beliefs because (1) I don't believe that there is a group dedicated to non-belief of fairy tales and (2) I don't want to be associated with any of the radical “angry atheists” out there.

I stumbled upon this post from Reddit which involves a letter from a Christian mother and a response from a non-believer. It struck a chord in me because I am sure there are many non-believers out there who were raised from Catholic families. The Philippines being a predominantly Roman Catholic country, I am sure that there are many Catholics who wonder how can we non-believers live moral lives while shunning Catholic teaching.

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Rappler posted an article about “prosti-tuition,” which is the practice of students moonlighting as PSPs to pay for tuition.

Rappler's reportage is fairly accurate. MJ's tale is common in the PSP world. We have massage parlor attendants, KTV GROs, spa therapists who are in the trade to finance their studies. A quick check on adult-themed forums and Facebook groups would reveal dozens of students peddling their wares for P5000 to P8000 a pop, citing that they need the money for school. Many that I have met share to me the same story. In fact, I typically receive a deluge of SMS messages just around tuition time.

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Men as studs, women as sluts

I had a discussion with a female friend on the double standard that exists between men and women. She was complaining about why men who can get many women to bed is viewed as a stud but a woman with many male sexual partners is considered a slut.

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What EDSA means to me

I grew up in the Marcos era. I experienced the censorship, the lack of press freedom, the curfew hours, KBL vs Laban campaign, the pre-election noise barrage. My family and friends were victims of the atrocities—relatives were hauled to jail, family members were harassed even tortured. Once, when I was a child, I accompanied some folks who were well-connected to the regmine inside Malacanang and I experienced first-hand the vulgar ostentatious display of jewelry that belonged to Imelda.

Indeed it was grandiose times. I remember when hotels such as the Manila Peninsula and Philippine Plaza (now Sofitel Philippines) suddenly sprung from nowhere to present a facade for the IMF confenrence. I remember when the Manila Film Center was hastily constructed for the Manila International Film Festival and I remember when the more than 160 construction workers were buried under cement and the subsequent hush-hush that came with it. I remember the “royal wedding” of Greggy Araneta and Irene Marcos in Sarrat where the Marcoses had the main road decorated with white, red, and pink bougainvilleas, which I later discovered to be mostly crepe paper (the altar, however, had fresh flowers shipped all the way from Hawaii).

I cringe when youngsters look back at those times with nostalgia, crediting the Marcoses for the beautification of our country, not realizing that those extravagant expenses were mostly backed by loans. It's like envying your wealthy relatives for their majestic mansion and their splashy sportscar, not knowing that it is all from borrowed cash and a close examination of their balance sheet would reveal that they are actually in the red. I likewise cringe when people hail Bongbong Marcos as some savior of our country, thinking that he is the poster child of good governance.

I was one of those who marched to EDSA. We parked our cars in Bel-Air and trekked the long walk to Camp Crame. I was there when the tanks rumbled in. I saw the strike helicopters of Col. Antonio Sotelo land and until then I thought that he would spray bullets on the crowd. EDSA for me is the epitome of what a people power revolution is. Sadly, I don't think we will see something like it again. It was unplanned, unorchestrated, totally spontaneous. It represented decades of pent-up anger and frustration. Of all the rallies I have attended, none—not even EDSA 2—would ever come close.

I have no regrets taking part in the ouster of Marcos. I disagree with the notion that we were better off then and that we would have been better off if Marcos remained in power. We were a ticking time bomb and I remember dreading who would fill the power vacuum if the then-ailing Marcos would croak. If you want to know what could have possibly gone awry in the Philippines, read the 1998 riots of Indonesia, where thousands were killed, homes and business establishments even shopping malls were looted and burned, and countless women were raped.

Sadly, we have lost the spirit of EDSA. That once crowning glory of our country is now muddled by a growing base of Filipinos who are ignorantly critical of the present administration and the existing base of Filipinos who are just plain and simply ignorant. If there is something I long for during the Marcos era was the brillant crop of politicians that we had. I long for the Benigno Aquino, the Soc Rodrigo, the Carlos Romulo of old. Do you want to see an example of eloquence? Search for Ninoy Aquino's speeches, especially the one he delivered in Boston, and compare that with the sheer idiocy of our dear Senators like Jinggoy Estrada and Bongbong Marcos.

But that's the price we pay for democracy. We have to abide by the wishes of the majority, which unfortunately for us is the uneducated and impoverished masses. However, I am still hopeful. An ideal government does not happen overnight. We as a population have to make mistakes and hopefully learn from it. We had made mistakes by voting showbiz personalities to positions of power, a mistake I truly hope we avoid. With the advent of mobile technologies and cheap devices, news and information are now available to the masses. We now see who are power-hungry, who are selfish, who are the ignorant and who are the trapos. I hope we all learn to sift through the noise and the fake facades and put into positions of leadership those who truly deserve it.

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